Let’s Get This Party Started Right


So it begins!! My name is Lisa and thanks for stopping by. Just a little bit about me and the studio. I’ll start at the beginning. My awesome mom says that when I was two I told her I wanted to be an artist.

little lisa

Nice choice kid! It’s worked out pretty great for me so far. I took a few after school art classes in elementary school, tried desperately to only take art classes in high school, majored in graphic design in college (so close to being a potter) and made a career of designing with the computer as my medium.

Fast forward to a new chapter… with March I hope to inspire that many more students to become artists or scientists or swimmers or whatever the dreamers dream when they’re two. March is all about making learning, creating and problem solving fun! Taking your passion and making it a reality. Art in so many ways helps our minds think new thoughts. Push beyond our comfort level, experiment and explore.

To do this we, my very good friend Ali (who should write our next post), will design a space for the dreamers, the thinkers and the doers. We have a location in the works that we will share with everyone soon. It’s shaping up oh so nicely into quite a welcoming space. We can’t wait to get a little messy and make the space home, for us and our students. Stay tuned for regular updates, photos, try at home crafts, special events and I’m sure more here on this blog.

Take care and chat soon!

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