What to expect from this all new format for classes - Ages 2-12

4 Week Workshop = 75 minute consecutive weekly classes ••• $92 (ask about a sibling discount)


• Choose a day = Monday-Saturday (Sunday is for parties) And we'll meet for 4 weeks in a row on that day.


• Choose a start time = Starting at 10am


• Create your own class pod = Gather some friends that you feel safe with without masks. Or if you have friends and still want to wear masks together that works too. You build the rules for your group.


• Join socially distanced semi-private classes = Want to meet new friends? Let me know the days and times you prefer and I can set up a class with others in similar age groups. If you joined me for summer camp it will be just like that!


• Max class size of 4 for younger kids who will be dropped off. A group size of 6 is for older artists.
All classes can have a 'drop off' option.


• 2-4 year olds artists = are able to be dropped off as they feel comfortable. This way we have less adults in the studio. All adults will need to wear masks at all times in the studio as there may not be enough room to social distance.


• Opt for in studio Private classes = Do you want only your artists in the studio with me? Monday is your day. Since I share space with Hidden Talents we have to consider their schedule. Ask about pricing.


• Opt for March at your home classes = Do you want me to teach art at your house? Perhaps you have an area ready for art and some neighbor friends that would like to join as well? We can sometimes set up outside but may need an indoor area as well on days we have bad weather. I can travel up to 8 miles. Ask about pricing.


• Projects- They will be designed with age groups in mind. The majority will be exploratory based. Meaning it's all about the process, playing and learning. The final outcome is often magical but sometimes it's all about what's happening in the studio. If there are topics that your artist is interested in or is learning about in school I am happy to try and incorporate those themes in class as well. My younger artists will work on multiple smaller projects each session and my older artists may work on larger projects over the 4 classes.

The earlier the request - the more options available.


Have I not answered your question? Please ask me!