Ready for March Art Classes!
Age 3-11

 Join me for some, as safe as we can, in person, hands on, brain-powered, exploratory art fun!

Since our young artists haven’t had a chance to get vaccinated let's stick to the small and distanced classes with new artist friends or join in the fun with your Pod. Classes will be 75 min weekly workshops. Each workshop will be based on the amount of classes in that month. As an example, if there are 4 Wednesdays in the month of October the workshop will be 4 classes. In November the workshop will only be 3 classes as we have a thankful holiday that month. You get to decided before each month starts if you would like to continue to the next workshop.

Currently my after school classes are filled but text or email me to be added to the waitlist.

Morning workshops are available!

To get started I just need to know a few things…

1. Artist’s name/s
2. Artist’s age/s
3. Ideal day and time along with alternates (Monday-Saturday starting at 10am)
4. Preference on mask wearing (please note this is just a request for info as each workshop decides as a group)
5. If you’d like to join with a friend/pod please let me know your whole group so you can be together

Max class size of 5 or 8 (depending on age group)
All classes can have a 'drop off' option.

4 Week Workshop
$100 - 75 minute consecutive weekly classes

Ask about sibling discounts
-Reservation required - All supplies provided

I will get back to requests in order that they were received


• 3-4 year old artists - are able to be dropped off as they feel comfortable and are independent in the restroom or are able to he helped by a sibling.

• Projects- They will be designed with age groups in mind. The majority will be exploratory based. Meaning it's all about the process, playing and learning. The final outcome is often magical but sometimes it's just all about what's happening in the studio. Themes of projects are usually based on seasons and holidays. If there are topics that your artist is interested in or is learning about in school I am happy to try and incorporate those themes in class as well. My younger artists will work on multiple smaller projects each class and my older artists may work on larger projects over the entire workshop.


Have I not answered your question? Please ask me!