Here is what to expect from Camp

Camp is going to look very much like last summer. Safety first and for sure lots of fun!

These guidelines below are set with the best intentions and thoughts on virus safety based on information from the CDC. However, if your artist or someone in your family or POD (isolation group) is at risk of major harm from COVID-19... please DO NOT send your artist to camp.

If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out!

• Final check in to the camp will happen 2 weeks prior to the first day of camp. Payment will be collected at that time as well. If anything changes with the health of your artist or within their family that is COVID-19 related, please contact March Art Studios immediately and a credit toward future camps or classes will be given.

• If your artist has a fever or cough please DO NOT send your artist to the studio (and please contact your doctor). Touchless temperatures will be taken before entry into studio. If your artist develops a cough and sore throat throughout the class we will ask for that artist to be picked up and all camp families will be notified.

• Artists must know how to cough and sneeze into their elbow, refrain from touching their face and how to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

Masks are required to enter the studio and while artists are standing, like to wash hands or exiting the studio. Masks are NOT required (but very much appreciated) for artists while sitting at their desk but IS required for their teacher and any adult entering the studio. Some families may prefer to wear a mask the whole time.

• Artists who are not in the same POD will sit 6 feet apart and use art tools and supplies set aside for only them.

• Mrs. Lisa, the art teacher, will try to stay 6 feet from artists but will get closer than that at times. She will always wear her mask.

• The studio will be sanitized as needed. The studio doors will remain open, ceiling fans on and Dyson air purifier will remain on while artists are inside. This allows for lots of airflow and air purification.


• Snack and lunch breaks will be taken outside near the “pond” in the Trader Joe’s complex. Each artist will sit on a beach towel set aside just for them provided by the studio. While sitting and eating, masks will be taken off but while standing and playing, masks must be worn. Hand sanitizer will be provided as needed. (Sometimes we may eat lunch inside (distanced) to get some more free play art time.)


• March may have as few as 3 artists and as many as 7 artists in each camp week.


• Hidden Talents may have artists in the studio as well. They will wear masks while standing. We will allow as many guests inside the studio as allowed by current Orange County guidelines. All will keep a 6’ or more distance from each other.

• Kids aren't perfect... humans aren't perfect! We will for sure do our best to follow these rules but if you fear getting COVID-19, please do not have your artist join camp at this time as the only guarantee to not get it, is to isolate at home.

• These rules may alter based on current California and Orange County restrictions.